Sunday, March 18, 2012

Social Media: Has the potential to bring about real social change

 “Hey did you see that video on Facebook about Kony?”
“Hey did you see that tweet on twitter that girl from class posted?”
“Hey did you see the pictures posted on Flickr I added?”
These are just some of the many things I hear almost everyday to do with social media. So to answer the question “Do you think that social media has the potential to bring about real social change?” I believe that social media most definitely does have the potential to bring about social media change. In fact, I think that it already has started to change. Social media has allowed us to do so much more and communicate and interact on a whole different level. There’s not very many people that don’t use 1 or more social media tools now a days which proves it has a real impact on our everyday lives and is making a social change!  
Social media allows us to get in touch and stay in touch with friends, family and people in general all over the world, help promote our companies or businesses, advertise and market freely, talk about and share world issues like Kony 2012 and so much more. Social media is easy and convenient. You can look at social media websites from your mobile phone, tablet and computer.  Which makes it easier for people to use them all day, everyday at any point in the day.
Although there are many positives to the social media making a real social change there’s also a couple negatives. For example people aren’t interacting in person as much anymore due to social media. Which is makes it a huge social change. So instead of going to talk to family, friends, ect in person they just send them a message on Facebook for example.
Overall, I think that the social change that has started already with social media is for the better and it suits our fast paced, busy bees society much more just on convenience and availability alone. 

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